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Are you buying or selling real estate? Or transferring your interest? A property transaction is often fuelled with emotions including excitement, stress, uncertainty, anticipation and apprehension. It can be a new chapter or an end to an existing chapter in your life. Or it can be a significant step towards finalising a deceased estate.

Under Victorian laws, you can't transfer real estate without engaging in a conveyancing process. You may decide to undertake the work yourself or engage the services of a registered conveyancer or conveyancing lawyer.

Whatever path you choose, whatever your circumstances, and whatever the type of property, understanding some basic principles can help you find your way through the process.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a real estate transfer from one property owner to another.

Victorian laws and regulations govern the purchase and sale of real estate. If the legal requirements aren't met, the property settlement may not proceed as planned. This can sometimes have significant consequences. For example, consider a situation where you are selling your home and buying a new house simultaneously.

  • If the sale of your property can't proceed, you may not have the funds to settle on the property you're buying
  • If the purchase of the property can't proceed, you may not have a place to live until the issues are fixed and the settlement can take place

It shows how important it is to conduct a conveyancing transaction smoothly and correctly.


Conveyancing is a real estate transfer from one property owner to another.

Our conveyancing services

We provide complete conveyancing and legal services in local areas, including Geelong, Greater Geelong, Barwon, Bellarine, Surf Coast, and across Victoria.



Reviewing and advising on sale contract and Section 32 Statement



Identifying issues such as easements and property restrictions



Preparing documents for settlement



Liaising with your mortgage provider



Arranging and attending settlement



Registration and notification of new ownership

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